Gilmore Girls: The Logan-Rory-Jess Love Triangle Is More Than Just Christopher-Lorelai-Luke Rehashed

When discussing Gilmore Girls’ infamous Logan-Rory-Jess love triangle, it has become shorthand to say it’s just like the series’ other infamous love triangle — Christopher-Lorelai-Luke.

Those similarities and parallels exist.

However, besides Luke, there’s someone else that Jess shares many similarities with — none other than Lorelai herself.

The similarities between Lorelai and Jess were present from the beginning. Both of them were troubled, unhappy teens who found themselves in Stars Hollow.

Lorelai tried to use those similarities to bond with Jess on Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 5. Jess wasn’t in any mood to hear it, so like magnets with the same polarity, they repelled each other.

Their relationship seems to have improved by the time of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. Their one in-person interaction was friendly.

However, they made disparaging remarks (more Lorelai than Jess, though) about each other throughout the revival. It’s obvious the two of them never actually cleared the air.

Despite this, Gilmore Girls never stopped highlighting the similarities between Lorelai and Jess.

On Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 6. Jess wore a Metallica t-shirt. Although Lorelai thought the shirt was gross, she said the band was good.

This wasn’t the first time Gilmore Girls mentioned Lorelai’s passion for Metallica.

Back on Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 15, Lorelai cited her love for Metallica and Christopher’s love for The Offspring for why they wouldn’t work as a couple.

Later on, Gilmore Girls Season 8 Episode 4, Lorelai and Jess shared the same opinion of Wild; the book was completely different and much better than the film adaptation.

Both of them had the same reaction (telling Rory she would need to burn the house down to get the smell out) to the takeout Rory ordered on Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 16.

Not as funny, but more importantly, both of them are completely supportive of Rory but aren’t afraid to tell her the hard truths.

Meanwhile, there’s no getting around the similarities between Christopher and Logan. They childishly rebelled against their rich families. They openly despised the idea of being forced into the family business. They caved and were last seen working for their families.

While there’s always romantic tension in any scene Rory shares with Jess or Logan, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life showed the romances were beside the point.

Jess and Logan’s true function in Rory’s life was to act as her guides, with both of them acting as stand-ins for the respective philosophies Rory’s parents have come to live by.

While this perspective doesn’t make Rory and Logan’s affair more sympathetic, it does make the reasons why Rory seeks out Logan as a refuge more apparent.

Despite Loralei and Rory’s legendary closeness, it’s Christopher who Rory gravitates towards when she’s feeling vulnerable.

When Rory was unsure about handling her feelings for Logan on Gilmore Girls Season 5 Episode 13, Christopher inspired her to make her move.

When Rory was reeling from the news of her pregnancy, it was Christopher she went to for guidance on Gilmore Girls Season 8 Episode 4.

Similarly, Rory seems to seek out Logan when she’s feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable.

It is likely because, compared to Lorelai and Jess, Christopher and Logan are softer and more indulgent with Rory.

Christopher and Logan like being the fun guys who grant wishes.

Christopher bought Rory the Compact Oxford English dictionary she wanted on Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 6. He also made it a standing offer for Rory to ask him for anything, even a castle.

On Gilmore Girls Season 8 Episode 4, Logan and his Life and Death Brigade buddies took Rory out on a wild, state-crossing night on the town — complete with costumes and a montage — to cheer her up.

Plus, Logan offered to support Rory financially while she was writing her book.    

Since Christopher and Logan themselves tend to resort to escapist tactics instead of tackling their problems head-on, they’re more understanding when Rory does the same. 

In contrast, Lorelai and Jess are the more practical problem solvers, hence why Lorelai took a job as a maid at the Independence Inn after leaving her parents’ house, and Jess worked at Wal-Mart to earn money for a car.

Both of them urge Rory to be more accountable and work towards solving her problems instead of running away from them.  

Compare Jess and Logan’s reactions to Rory dropping out of Yale.

Logan abided by Rory’s decision and let her have the space she wanted.

Jess, like Lorelai, told Rory it was a terrible idea, and she needed to go back to school. 

Although Rory often lets herself get suckered into the easier lifestyle Christopher and Logan constantly offer for far too long, she does eventually realize Lorelai and Jess are the ones who are ultimately in the right.  

 Unlike the Christopher-Lorelai-Luke love triangle, the driving question of the Logan-Rory-Jess love triangle was never who Rory should end up with.

The question was always, who is Rory going to be?

The answer is always Lorelai Gilmore.

Over to you, TV Fanatics!

Do you pick up on Jess and Lorelai’s similarities?

Hit the comments below. 

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Becca Newton is a staff writer for TV Fanatic.

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