The Resident Round Table: Trevor’s Polarizing Intro, Disturbing Addiction Takes, & Devon’s Absurd Plot!

Devon and Winston survived their ordeal.

But by the end of The Resident Season 5 Episode 2, it was Nic’s fate that left us on the edge of our seats when the police informed Conrad and Gigi that there was an accident.

Elsewhere, we met new series regular Miles Fowler as Billie’s estranged biological son Trevor, and their relationship is intense.

Join Meaghan Frey, Laura Nowak, and Carissa Pavlica as they discuss the hour.

Did you appreciate the drama behind the team saving Devon and rescuing Winston, or were you thrown off by how much belief you needed to suspend for this storyline?

Meaghan: I definitely was rolling my eyes quite a bit.

The fact that Devon almost died after a short period in the room yet Winston was in there for that long and survived without issue, a watch changing colors even being noticed with everything else going on, and Conrad being able to haul Winston out of the room while breathing in the fumes without a problem? Yeah, it was all a little much.

On the other hand, I’m glad everyone survived, so there’s that.

Carissa: As Tamara in the comments pointed out, the idea that Devon was stuck in a hospital elevator as the doors flapped in the breeze was cringe-inducing. Nothing about that made a lick of sense.

Winston would have died, too. Then again, I thought it was ridiculous that as soon as Devon felt woozy, he didn’t sprint to the door on The Resident Season 5 Episode 1. I mean, come on.

Just like they tell you in the air, you have to put your mask on first before you can help others. Trying to help someone while you’re plummeting is undoable. They’re lucky I love this show!

Laura: I agree with Meaghan that it made no sense how long it took to save Devon, and Winston was all right after being in that room for much longer.

I always love seeing the team come together to save one of their own, so I loved those scenes of everyone’s concern over Devon.

What is your first impression of Trevor? Are you interested in seeing him and Billie forge a bond? Do you think these two can resolve their differences? Should they?

Meaghan: My God, he was aggressive towards Billie. I’m not even a fan of Billie whatsoever, but I even thought he needed to tone down the animosity a bit.

I’m sure that they will sit down eventually and start to develop a relationship, but honestly, I’m not even interested in seeing it.

Carissa: Trevor was a bit of a dick, but Billie was a bigger dick, so he gets a pass. It’s in his genes, and the poor guy didn’t even know it.

And when he opened up to AJ, Trevor’s pain was evident. He’s likely in dick mode because of what he’s been going through lately.

Although, honestly, making recreational drugs, even if they’re harmless-ish is all kinds of wrong. Navigating that story is going to be tricky all around.

Laura: He’s got a lot of resentment and anger inside. I do believe he cares about his friend, but he came across as arrogant and angry.

I’m not a real fan of Billie’s, but I felt for her. If done well, it could be an interesting arc. Trying to bond with the child conceived out of rape.

Are you surprised that Billie confided in AJ a bit about her past? Do you think they’ll pursue a romance between the two? How do you feel about that prospect?

Meaghan: It’s surprising in the sense that clearly Billie is a very closed-off person, but it was obvious AJ was picking up on what was going on, so it was just a matter of time before she told him.

Please, writers, I am begging you, don’t go there with these two! I’d rather see AJ single for the rest of the series than see him tied to Billie.

Carissa: I’ve got to go with a big, heaping pile of no on this one. I see no reason to go there. I think they will likely at the very least give it a whirl, but I’m not interested in it. No, please.

Laura: Yes, because Billie wanted to keep it buried, but she and Trevor were acting so strangely that AJ picked up on the vibe.

I don’t want them to date either. I wouldn’t mind AJ mentoring Trevor.

Kit and Bell are finally going on a date. React!

Meaghan: It’s about time! This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I’m so glad we are getting a ship win after the loss of Mina and Nic.

Could I please be a fly on the wall for their date?

Carissa: They’re going to have that date without us, and it’s unfair.

It’s hardly time for them to be happily getting to know each other on another level while Conrad’s world is crashing. I feel a little ripped off as a result. I’m all the way in on these two.

Laura: I second it. It’s about time!

They are so freaking cute! I hope we see a date soon.

We finally got to the infamous police scene with Conrad and Gigi. Do you think they’ll play it straight with Nic dying, or will they go a comatose route? Are you ready for the emotional hour ahead?

Meaghan: My heart dropped when we heard the knock on the door. Even though we knew it was coming, it didn’t make that moment any easier.

I also want to talk to whoever had the idea to pan past their wedding photo on the way to the door. That moment got me.

I haven’t fully emotionally prepped myself for next week. The news about Emily leaving the show was so sudden that I don’t think I’ve fully accepted that we are losing Nic yet. The next episode is going to be rough.

I’m really torn on what I want to happen with Nic.

Part of me would love for them to go the comatose route for the season to make sure that Emily has no desire to return before actually killing Nic.

The other part of me wants closure on CoNic, though. Either way, it’s not going to be easy to watch.

Carissa: I’m concerned. I don’t want this to be a horrible end for Nic. Suffering and life support? No thanks (a lot of that going around on this table).

I wish there was someone we already knew who needed her organs so that we could be invested in that decision when (OK if) Conrad makes it.

And damn. We really need some Corbin Bernsen in on this. Losing two daughters? He may not have been the best father, but that’s harsh.

Most importantly, I do not want Conrad to blame himself for encouraging her to go and not turn around or for it to impact his relationship with Gigi.

Laura: We all knew it was coming, and in true TV fashion, they played it as the cliffhanger.

I’m not ready to say goodbye yet. I almost wish we hadn’t known since I felt we’ve been waiting for the shoe to drop, and now that it’s here, I know I’ll be bawling next week.

CoNic is one of my top ships. I’m not ready to lose them.

Are there any other observations you have about the hour?

Meaghan: As I said, I’m not a fan of Billie, and this episode did nothing to change my mind.

The way Billie treated the girl Trevor brought in like she was the scum of the earth and not even wanting to save her because she is an addict was disgusting. As a healthcare provider, you know that addiction is a disease and should be treated that way.

Carissa: Jasmine, you were discussing addiction and Irving’s reaction, and I have a feeling that it might come to light that he’s got something in his past to have driven him to that place of disdain.

It’s not a hard road to travel to get there, but everyone has a story, and it’s about time Irving gets some time.

Laura: To jump off that, I really hated how both Irving and Billie treated that girl. I’ve never seen them treat addicts with such disdain before. As hospital providers, they’re there to provide compassion and treatment.

What was your favorite moment from the hour?

Meaghan: I’m a sucker for Conrad, so it’s not surprising that the end scene of him playing with Gigi was my favorite. Just knowing that it was going to be the last moment they are a happy family for the foreseeable future made that moment more powerful.

Carissa: Bell and Kit. Everything else was feeling dire, and they were the light in the tunnel.

Laura: I loved how Leela said someone had to take care of Devon if he’s going to keep being a hero. They are so cute this season.

Over to you, Resident Fanatics.

Do you agree with our round table? Hit the comments and discuss!

The Resident airs Tuesdays on FOX at 8/7c.

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