Days of our Lives Round Table: Stephanie Johnson Returns to Salem!

Stephanie Johnson returned to Salem! Kristen threatened to kill Chloe! Ava sparred with EJ but made nice with Johnny, and Leo used the Sarah mask to get out of a jam. 

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by PhloeForEver and Trey from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate if Marlena helped or made things worse with Kristen, if the plan for Stefan will work, whether Gwen is a killer, and their thoughts on the return of Steve and Kayla’s daughter…

Should Marlena have pushed Kristen to accept that Brady is now with Chloe? Was what Marlena said helpful, or did it just make things worse?

PhloeForEver: It was helpful that Marlena pushed Kristen to accept that Brady was now with Chloe. She’s a psychiatrist, and understanding people’s problems by helping them change their behavior for the better is her job.

That scene with Brady angrily and scornfully telling Kristen not to make any promises to Rachel to be a family again because he doesn’t want to bring up her past really made me see he has no desire for that.

I didn’t get the feeling he had any lingering feelings for her. That was how passionately that scene was done.

Jack: Marlena had good intentions, but as a psychiatrist, she should know better. Kristen isn’t going to accept reality.

The more she’s told it’s over with Brady, the more determined she will be to get him back into her clutches.

Kristen’s a stalker, plain and simple, and Marlena should be helping Brady figure out what steps to take to protect himself and his family from her.

Trey: I don’t think Marlena should have pushed Kristen. She should know that Kristen is mentally unstable and dangerous. Every time she feels angry or hurt, she lashes out to wound whoever is in her orbit.

Given their history, I think Marlena should have kept silent and just let Kristen self implode.

Christine: No! I think she just made things worse. Kristen is determined to break up Brady and Chloe. Marlena knows Kristen well enough to realize that no logic or sense will dissuade Kristen from her goal. It will only make her more determined and angry.

The only thing Kristen might respond to is what she thinks is best for Rachel. Kristen could have broken out of prison, snatched Rachel, and fled the country anytime, but she didn’t do that.

So that gives me some hope that Kristen might play nice if she believes it’s for the good of her daughter.

Apparently, Leo told the police about Gwen’s Sarah mask. Did Gwen kill Abigail, and if not, then who did?

PhloeForEver: I could be wrong, but I don’t think Gwen killed Abigail because that would be so obvious. Given the extensive, horrible history she and Abigail shared, maybe Gwen was just in a Sarah mask around Abigail that night because she wanted a little freedom from jail.

Seeing that they showed Kristen’s aggressive, impulsive ways by having her pick up a letter opener and telling Chloe she wanted to stab her in the heart with it, maybe that’s a hint.

Kristen could have suddenly killed Abigail because she told her something she disliked. I remember when she stabbed victor and left him for dead.

Jack: I still think that Gwen came to the mansion in her Sarah mask, intending to kill Abigail and frame Sarah for it, but arrived too late and found Abigail already a bloody mess.

My guess is and has always been Kristen. After the way she attacked Chloe with the letter opener, I’m even more convinced that something Abigail said sent Kristen into a rage, and she stabbed her.

Trey: I’m pretty sure it was Gwen who killed Abigail. She had the motive, means, and opportunity. Gwen is a horrible person, and I think after Abigail broke her mug to Jack, she decided to get rid of her sister once and for all.

Christine: I agree that the show seems to be pushing the narrative that Kristen is violent and could have killed Abigail, but I hope it’s Gwen. At least Kristen is interesting at times. I’m so tired of Gwen’s whining. I just want her gone.

Stephanie Johnson has returned to Salem. Do you hope she sticks around? If so, with whom would you like to see her interact?

PhloeForEver: Yes, I want Stephanie to stick around because she’s needed on the show, and I haven’t seen her for years. I liked her scenes with Steve. She was resilient and brave and refused to back down about seeing her client when Steve expressed his concerns about how dangerous Orpheus could be.

I’d like her to interact with characters like Sonny, Jack, and Jennifer. She could be there for Chad with what he’s going through and give people like Leo and Gwen a piece of her mind for being involved in Abigail’s death.

Jack: I’m so excited that Stephanie is back! Besides Steve and Kayla, she should be interacting with her big family. I wonder what her reaction is to the Allie/Tripp fiasco.

I’m also curious if Stephanie has a love interest already or if she will develop one soon (not Alex, please.) I hope Tripp and Joey aren’t far behind; I’d love to see all the Johnsons in Salem!

Finally, I’d love for Little Sweetness to show her Papa she can hold her own with Orpheus and doesn’t need his protection!

Trey: I love Stephanie is back in town. I hope she will be paired with someone like Philip (please bring him back) or Alex. I think his ego would be fun for the two of them to verbally spar with each other, at least for a little while.

I could also see a Stephanie and Chad pairing once he lets go of his grief.

Christine: I’ve always loved Stephanie, so I’m thrilled she’s back in Salem. And her first scenes with Steve did not disappoint.

She and Alex could be fun…or a complete disaster, which could also be fun. I’m looking forward to her sticking around for a while.

What do you think of Kristen and Li’s plan to program Stefan to believe he’s in love with Chloe? Do you hope Chloe and Brady crumble or become stronger than ever?

PhloeForEver: I have the feeling Kristen and Li’s plan won’t succeed as the writers seem to want Stefan and Gabi as soulmates. Stefan will still remember Gabi as the love of his life and want to see her first thing when he’s brought back to life. And I noticed that Rolf tells Li that controlling someone’s emotions to love someone else is not his sphere.

I haven’t liked Brady and Chloe since 2000, so I want them to crumble. But I felt no lingering feelings there of love when Brady was vehemently yelling at Kristen. So I doubt they’ll ever get back together again.

Jack: Anything involving Rolf is going to be outlandish and ridiculous, but this one takes the cake. Unless Rolf brainwashed Chloe, too, it simply isn’t going to work.

Chloe and Brady are a blah couple, but maybe this story will make them more interesting. I hope so, anyway.

Trey: I don’t really believe that Chloe and Brady are in love, but I think they’re stubborn enough to cling to each other just to prove a point. I don’t think Kristen and Li’s plan will work as Gabi and Stefan had a very strong connection. They sizzled together.

Christine: I think it’s a time waster. The plan is an obstacle to separating Stefan and Gabi and building up their eventual reunion.

That said, I find Brady and Chloe incredibly boring, so I don’t mind if they crumble. As horrible as Kristen can be, I’ve always found that she and Brady have the better chemistry and make the more interesting pairing.

Ava has had to stand her ground with EJ, Kristen, and Gabi…and is being consoled by Johnny. How do you hope things turn out for Ms. Vitali?

PhloeForEver: It doesn’t look like Rafe and Nicole’s marriage will last anyway, with Nicole still going out of her way to feel jealous over Eric having another date.

I liked Ava and Rafe’s relationship in the past. I thought they had chemistry, liked the character’s different personalities with each other, and hated how Rafe treated Ava, so I’d like him to feel bad about it. And with how Nicole is treating Rafe now, I’d like to see Rafe and Ava make-up.

Jack: I’m loving EJ and Ava’s cat and mouse game. I usually don’t like these kinds of pairings, but I’m all for EJ and Ava falling hard for each other in the end.

Just please, let’s skip the father/son love triangle. JJ and Eve were bad enough; we don’t need a repeat with Johnny and Ava.

Trey: I could see an EJ and Ava pairing. They play off each other in the cat and mouse dialog very well. I could see them having a flirtation. If they pair up, I could see them teaming up and destroying their competitors.

Christine: Ava has gone from a character I despised to one I’ve grown to love. She’s smart. She’s funny and has chemistry with many other characters.

As much as I appreciate Johnny showing Ava some compassion, and I understand his attraction to a beautiful, intelligent woman, I want to see where EJ and Ava are headed.

I hope the show puts the time into building this couple long-term. Ava and EJ could be quite the power couple given the opportunity, and Salem could use that.

Do you think Sonny is cut out to be CEO of Titan? If not, with whom should Victor replace him?

PhloeForEver: Hearing Sonny’s approach to life, having that conversation with Alex about how it feels good to love and be loved and be committed to someone, and having an honest stance compared to Alex, who seems to be deceitful, makes me want to see Sonny as CEO of Titan.

I’d like Days to show that you can have this kind of perspective in life and still be clever enough to succeed in business. They already showed Alex to be kind of deceitful like Victor when he was younger in his business tactics. In my opinion, that approach could get tiresome.

Jack: I wasn’t sure, but I liked that he didn’t fall for the trick Alex pulled and questioned why a company would buy another then turn around and sell it at the same price. He may not have the killer instinct, but he has the critical thinking necessary for the job.

I’m also tired of these musical CEO storylines, and I think this whole nonsense with Alex undermining Sonny for Victor needs to go. Why did Victor hire Sonny if he didn’t think he was cut out to be a CEO?

Trey: I don’t ever see Sonny working, so not sure how he could run Titan. Xander was doing well until he and Victor had a falling out. And again, I’m holding out hope that the writing team will bring Philip back to take the reins of Titan.

Christine: I don’t see Sonny being happy as CEO. It doesn’t seem a good fit for him. I wish Victor would give Xander another chance as he seemed to do an admirable job before Philip returned and they were forced to work together.

And Alex is a wild card. We don’t know him well enough to know what he’s good at besides being good in bed.

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

PhloeForEver: I know the writers are probably trying to show Kristen as unpredictably violent and aggressive, but I hated how out of the blue, she picked up a letter opener to attack Chloe.

I’d like to see Kristen have a little self-respect with trying to want Brady again.

Jack: Ugh, why do they have to make Nicole jealous and obsessed with Eric/Jada? She’s moved on, and now so has he. Why can’t we keep it that way?

Also, Sloan can go back to wherever she came from at any time. She seems like the defense attorney version of Trask, making uncalled-for snarky comments, and her one-night stand with Alex didn’t do anything for her either.

And what was with Gabi shrugging off Kristen trying to murder Chloe? Yes, Gabi wants to stay in charge of Dimera Enterprises, but that was cold, even for her, and as a woman who did time for murdering an abusive ex, she should have had a stronger reaction.

Trey: I’m not really feeling the Johnny and Ava vibe. Maybe because I like Ava with EJ.

I’m also disappointed to see that Steve is considering neutralizing Orpheus. Steve is smarter than that.

I also didn’t like how eager Chanel was to go on a date with Alex, even with Allie. It shows that she’s not as loyal to Allie and is not mature enough for a full-time lifelong relationship. Johnny dodged a bullet.

Christine: Kristen threatening to kill Chloe seemed over the top, even for Kristen. Yes, she stabbed Victor, but that’s because he made her think her child was dead. Kristen has done a lot of despicable things, but literally killing her competition generally hasn’t been one of them.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

PhloeForEver: My favorite scene was with Kayla and Chad. The way she was there for Chad with her great advice on how Chad should try to handle Abigail’s death because he’s continued to spiral out of control. I thought it was a great use of history, too, with her bringing up that difficult part of her life with Steve.

Jack: Jada’s reactions to learning about the secret room where everyone ends up sooner or later cracked me up. I especially liked Chad’s reaction to her suggestion they seal the room up:

Jada: What is this room used for?
Chad: To store wine. And… people who are being held against their will.
Jada: Ever thought about sealing it up?
Chad: Where would we store the wine then?

Trey: I liked watching Leo get caught and try to reason his way out of jail.

I also love Sarah and Xander figuring out Gwen’s connection to the murder. I really feel like the writing team has upped their dialog with witty quips and playful banter.

Christine: I liked the group date with Chanel, Allie, Alex, and Gabi. It was flirty and fun, and I don’t think any of them took it too seriously.

Sloane was the perfect lawyer for Leo! I enjoyed how she could play off his outlandishness and then tell him off in the same breath yet still come across as a competent attorney.

And Sarah and Xander’s escapades continued to be the light-hearted fun we needed in Salem.

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